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how do i pass the 3 colors door??


Watch Game Feedback 2019-10-13 (Ludum Dare 45) from MrJoshuaMcLean on

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to get pass the peanut butter part...a pc will drop and u have to put true true to unlock to place to get peanut butter then u will get the pc and use it to do true true to get the penut butter

Well, the site gives me a 404 error. That's it. It just says, 'that link has no power here.' Anything to say for yourself? You have quite a bit of bug fixes to do!

i won... it todl me to go to a sight to fix it


how does one get past red green and blue totem door

my blue totem does not exist

instead there is a   b l a c k    h o l e

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me too-

im pretty sure it's part of the game

i can't even get the peanut butter it locked me in.

Where did you get locked in?


where you have to get peanut butter to open a door, i tried to go to the kitchen but both doors were locked, then the door i came in it also was locked so basicly i was softlocked

I got the peanut butter but I couldn't open the door bruh

Did you get peanut butter or peanut AND butter?

I found a part where the game actually broke when it wasn't supposed to and had to end my video there. 


Dave says it's your fault for tackling the peanut-butter. You should have "stay put like the good boy you are".
We will do our best to make him fix it. Apologies.

Very funny! Truly a masterpiece. Please make more.

So... I... "Saved" the princess, the voice told me to just sit there and think about what I'd done, and I Slashed the computer a few times, then pressed "F" to fix the game at the computer, and then it crashed to a white screen.  Not certain if feature or bug.  Then again, it's just that kind of game.  

Really, though, I feel like this isn't the greatest game in the world.


THIS IS JUST A TRI- *cough* I mean... good non-game.  Hope you learned things from making it.


Dave told us to tell you that this crash was intended. That's how the game ends. He also said "to teach you some manners for comparing him to the inferiority that is Tenacious D". We again do not echo that sentiment since we believe JB and KG to be extremely talented and attractive men and thank you for your kind words.

Oh, one more thing.  I was playing the browser version, so if that crash was "intentional", and not intentional, maybe I wouldn't have encountered it in the dl version?  I dunno.

And do ensure that Dave knows that I only compare the two things because of the title, and in the POLITEST of manners.

Yours Politely,

- Ratha "The Manner Master" Shadar